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Passcode Lock Force Through Policy

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  • Passcode Lock Force Through Policy

    Can I force a passscode lock on user's iPhones that are connected via Active Sync? Most users are on 4 or 4s's. A few on 3GS's, but they are still on IOS4+. I'm running Exchange 2007 on Server 2008. I want to force them to have to lock there phone after a certain amount of time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Passcode Lock Force Through Policy

    after i implemented SP2 for one of my clients, when i tried to setup new iphones, it started telling me they must have a code..

    so what SP do you have.. ?

    this tells you how to remove it. I assume similar to add it.
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      Re: Passcode Lock Force Through Policy

      Thanks. I saw that but it allows you to set a limit for characters (and clearly the iPhone has a limit of 4), so I thought that wasn't the correct place. Thanks again, my friend.