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Move mailboxes between 2 domains

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  • Move mailboxes between 2 domains

    Hello all,
    I'm on the edge of rolling a project in my workplace and would appreciate some consulting..

    Today I have 2 domain, let's say:
    Which includes:
    SRV1 - DC + Lun from storage (Server 2003)
    SRV2 - Exchange 2007 (Server 2003)
    SRV3 - File Server (Local) (Server 2003)
    SRV4 - File Server (Local) (Server 2003)
    SRV5 - Fax Server (Server 2003)
    Which Includes:
    SRV1 - DC + 2 Lun's from Storage (Server 2003)
    SRV2 - Exchange 2003 (Server 2003)

    I would like to consolidate the 2 domains into one domain, let's call it:
    Which will include:
    SRV1 - DC (Server 200
    SRV2 - Exchange 2010 (Server 200
    SRV3 - Fax Server
    SRV4 - File Server (Connected to Lun)

    I would like to keep the old E-Mail addresses ( + in the new domain so I will move them to the Receive Connector on the new domain) but the primary e-mail addresses will be

    How is it recommended to make the migration process?
    Mailboxes to PST and import to the new exchange or migration tools?
    I have 2003-2010 office clients in my network, should I be prepared for mis-comparability with the new exchange?
    should I create new user accounts in the new domain? or migrate user accounts from the old domains?

    I would really appreciate help here, I am preparing a consolidation document and need to straighten some thoughts in my head..


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    Re: Move mailboxes between 2 domains

    look at ADMT
    there's more involved than just exchange migrating here
    Please do show your appreciation to those who assist you by leaving Rep Point