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CAS Array and Dags

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  • CAS Array and Dags

    I've been given the dubious task of completing our exchange 2010 environment after our exchange admin left. Here is our environment:
    2003 domain
    Exchange 2003
    2 Mailbox servers
    1 Bridgehead server
    Exchange 2010
    4 Mailbox server
    2 Hub server
    2 CAS

    We want to utilize the DAG functionality and I believe to make this easier, we should have a CAS-array, however, we don't (I've checked). Are there any issues, concerns with implementing a CAS-Array despite our MB servers being built? I know I'll need to push out a GPO to make sure this setting is in all profiles but I'm not to worried about it today. Just not sure if this is the right path.

    Also, do I need NLB (whether hardware or software) in place when I create the array? Or can that come after the fact?

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    Re: CAS Array and Dags

    You should have a CAS array whether you have one or fifty Exchange servers. However as you are live with Exchange 2010 implementing a CAS array will be more difficult on the client side. You can introduce it immediately, just point the DNS entry at one of the servers with the CAS role.
    However on the client, you will need to "repair" the profile for them to pick it up - it is not something that can be implemented automatically retrospectively, such as with group policy.

    A load balancing option can be introduced at any time - in fact I actually recommend that you test the CAS array before introducing the load balancer. This is because the CAS array is effectively just a DNS entry and therefore can be moved easily.

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      Re: CAS Array and Dags

      Thanks, Simon--that helps tremendously. I'm not to keen on remediating the client side but will I still have two months to go for a solution.