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adding 2nd Exchange 2007 Server

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  • adding 2nd Exchange 2007 Server

    Hi, I've encountered an issue where I needed to add a 2nd Exchange 2007 server to the domain.
    The first Exchange 2007 server is badly setup and soon to fail. My plan is to add the the 2nd Exchange server, move users, more the public folder replicas then remove the first server.

    So The 2nd server is installed, to test I created a test user on the 2nd Exchange server. That test user can send/receive internally-and can receive internet email BUT CANNOT send internet email. Emails from that test user are stuck in the queue on the 2nd server.

    Do I need to create a send connector on the 2nd server? Email was received without creating a receive connector.

    To test I created a send connecto, but nothing happend.

    Any input is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Re: adding 2nd Exchange 2007 Server

    Send Connectors do not belong to a server, they are an org setting.
    Therefore if you want to send email directly from the second server, just add the new server as an additional Source Server on your connector, then restart Transport Service.

    Remember though that the servers communicate over SMTP. If the RECEIVE Connector on the old server isn't setup correctly then the servers will not communicate and that can cause a problem with public folder replication.

    Otherwise more information is needed - such as NDR or what queue viewer says.

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      Re: adding 2nd Exchange 2007 Server

      Thank you Simon,
      Adding the "new" server to the Source Server did it. I can now send from the new server.

      BTW I read your blogs about using Vamsoft ORF. I am considering using it in the dmz as the smtp relay.

      Enjoy the Olympics!