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Send As address re-writing and SMTP re-routing

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  • Send As address re-writing and SMTP re-routing

    We are involved in the technical solution for two customers that are moving towards a shared services between themelves.

    At the moment, each customer has an AD and Exchange 2010 environment. A new AD Forest has been proposed to be created to allow for some mailboxes to be hosted by a new Exchange 2010 organisation within the AD Forest. The logon account for the mailboxes will reside within the same AD Forest. We won't be using linked mailboxes at this moment in time unless that recommendation is made now to achieve the following.

    Requirements for mailboxes that reside in the new Exchange 2010 organisation;
    • The mailboxes hosted will be for users that currently have a logon and Exchange mailbox within each customer's current Exchange organisation. This ensures that mail they respond to are from the relevant customer and gives the impression externally that they only work for that customer.
    • The new mailbox created within the new Exchange environment will have emails forwarded to it from both customers and therefore, their existing mailboxes. The aforementioned is not an issue and we have done it before. Advise required for the following, pelase as not sure whether technically it can be done. Replies to mail forwarded to the mailbox need to continue to appear to come from each customer's Exchange environment and be automated. If there is a manual method, will also be good to know. The same mail must route via the relevant customer's Exchange organisation as it is unlikely that it will be permitted for SPF and other external IPs added to each customer's external DNS.
    The solution will also involve GALsync and calendar sharing and that side is straight forward.

    Any advice would really be appreciated.