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  • 2 Sites 1 Domain

    Please I am desperate for help. I have been searching online for hours now. Everything that I come up with says to just install and your good to go. Its not working that way.

    Here is the set up,

    Site 1: Texas, 2008 R2 DC and 2008 R2 with MBX, CAS, and HT
    Site 2: Pennsylvania, 2008 R2 DC and 2008 R2 with MBX, CAS, and HT

    Both sites connected via VPN. Connection good, can communicate on both sides of VPN.

    All the information that I have seen online states to just install second Exchange server and your good.

    I installed site 2 server, moved the users that are on site 2 to the site 2 server. Site 2 users can send external email but can not send internal mail to users on site 1, also they can not receive external mail.

    Please please help

    Thanks very much

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    Re: 2 Sites 1 Domain

    What have you done so far beside the Internet search? Anything in the usual logs?

    Is Active Directory configured properly for this site setup, is DNS working on both sites?


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      Re: 2 Sites 1 Domain

      do you have connectors between the two sites ?
      how is your routing configured for site2? you mention they can send emails to the external world.. they must be using their own internet connection locally, rather than sending it back to site1?
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