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  • Twitter In Signatures

    Our 'PR' guy wants to put a Tweet logo in everyone's email signature.

    I don't want users doing their own because the 'web intents' linking is too complex for them. A transport rule will shove it on everything (I think).

    Looked into Wisestamp and Exclaimer, which does it quite neatly, but do I have to go third-party?

    I think a transport rule won't apply it on a casebycase basis?

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    Re: Twitter In Signatures

    If you must do it (I don't agree with signatures being used for PR purposes) then Exclaimer or similar is going to give you the best control. Transport rules are a little crude. You can control what they go on, with careful crafting of the rules, but it can get tedious to manage.

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      Re: Twitter In Signatures

      Agreed, I can't think of anyone outside of PR / marketing who likes advertisements in email signatures.
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        Re: Twitter In Signatures

        Don't get me started on this whole thing. I told them it shouldn't be over 70 KB, only the PR and sales team will have it, etc. Sorry but I don't email anyone they'd want a 'Tweet' from.

        Thanks for your advice though guys, both really helpful. Silver lining too: building it's their problem now.