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Exchnage 2010 role placement

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  • Exchnage 2010 role placement


    i'm looking to install 2 exchange 2010 servers for approx 350 users (OWA, RPC over HTTPS, Mobile phone access, also some internal).

    My plan was to install 1 exchange 2010 CAS/HT server and 1 MBX only server.

    CAS/HT server will also have GFI Mail Essentials&Security installed for spam control.

    Is the above going to cause a performace issue due to the location of the roles, as far as I'm aware in the above setup when a internal user send another internal user an email, the message will leave the mbx server for the HT server only to return to the MBX server.(also I think GFI will be scanning the messages twice)

    Is a better solution for placement to have 1 exchange CAS server and then have HT & MBX on the second server.(GFI ME/MS will now be on the HT/MBX server)?


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    Re: Exchnage 2010 role placement

    As long as you have good network connectivity, IMHO go for separate MBX as per initial plan.
    Also if you are considering a DAG later, make sure the MBX server is running Server 2008R2 Enterprise Edition - the CAS/HT can run Standard

    Hopefully GFI will flag a message as "scanned" and not re-scan it!
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      Re: Exchnage 2010 role placement


      Thanks for input, with regards to connectivity I'm using 2 VMWARE Esxi 5 hosts, each with 36gb ram 2 quad core cpu's, booting from sd card.

      Each EXSI host has iSCSI Lun's taken from 4 HP p4500 SANS configured in NETWORK RAID10.(these sans are connected using 4 HP switches with LACP, enabled)

      The OS for exchange is installed on the iSCSI luns?(which is wazzo quick installing server 2008 r2 takes about 10 mins from iso).

      From a LAN point in the connection from exchange to exchange will be 1gbps through vmware switch.

      Again thank for replying, i'm starting next week to transition from exchange 2003 physical to this vmware setup, and I don't want to kill the speed of the email sysyem.

      Mark Jones


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        Re: Exchnage 2010 role placement

        Depends what level of redundancy you need to achieve in your SLA.


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          Re: Exchnage 2010 role placement


          That means 100% uptime to customers. lol


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            Re: Exchnage 2010 role placement

            Anyone trying to achieve 100% SLA is just setting themselves up for a very large fall. It isn't possible.

            The most common scenario when combining services is to put hub and CAS roles together and have the mailbox role on its own.
            If you are using the same VM chassis, then licence ENterprise edition as this allows four VMs per chassis and will make introduction of a DAG for High Availability of the data much easier later on.

            Performance of the servers with the roles seperate shouldn't be an issue. I have run a lot more users than that on standard GB links without any problems.

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              Re: Exchnage 2010 role placement

              SLA with 100% uptime, never ever seen one.

              I was inferring more if you need a level of redundancy for the business.