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Exchange 2010/2003 domain,forest prep

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  • Exchange 2010/2003 domain,forest prep

    Please can someone advise, with regards to the forest/domain prep for upgrading/transitioning from exchnage 2003 to exchange 2010(co-existance for a few weeks).

    I have got Exchange 2010 with SP1 media, am i right when it comes to the setup/installation, all i need to do is install 2008r2 member server(win update etc..) then run the exchange install from this media, it will perform all the forest/domain prep scripts during the setup process.

    I know someone who tried this with a non sp1 media dvd and the system screwed up...


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    Re: Exchange 2010/2003 domain,forest prep

    Exchange 2010 is currently at SP2 level, so worth using a SP2 install disk.

    You want to verify your AD status prior to doing the install. Certain DCs at specific levels need to exist. What AD level are you at? What OS for the FSMO role holders? How many AD domains do you have?

    As you mention, the Exchange media will do the ForestPrep and DomainPrep for you. The account used for the installation will need the schema admins and Enterprise admins rights.

    Ensure you backup up system state for at least 2 DCs prior to the install including Exchange.

    One of the DC system state backups should be the RID FSMO role holder.