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Exch2010/Outlook anywhere issue

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  • Exch2010/Outlook anywhere issue

    First let me state that Outlook anywhere is working but actually working to well..let me explain.

    I am in the finally stages of migrating from 03 - 2010. The migration is complete but I have not uninstalled the 03 exch yet.

    When I came into the office today almost everyones outlook was asking for login credentials including mine. Once I input the domain\username and password everyones mail was flowing fine but I noticed everyones connection status(Ctrl + left click on outlook icon) was connected via HTTPS???

    I first thought this was an issue with some laptops that I had configured for RPC over HTTPS for my 03 exchange but then I realized the outlook anywhere was being automatically configured for all outlook clients and everyone single outlook client in my office is connecting via HTTPS.

    I can go into setting and un check outlook anywhere but as soon as I restart outlook the outlook anywhere is reconfigured.

    Can someone shed some light on why this might be happening?

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    Re: Exch2010/Outlook anywhere issue

    The behaviour you are seeing with regards to the Outlook configuration is correct.
    If you have Outlook Anywhere configured in Exchange, then all clients will get that configuration delivered by autodiscover. That is the expected behaviour.

    However, the fact that they have the Outlook Anywhere configuration does not mean they should be using it. The way that Outlook Anywhere is configured should mean that the clients connect using TCP first and then only use HTTPS if that fails.

    As your clients are using HTTPS, that indicates that for some reason a connection on TCP is failing. Firewall, poor name resolution etc can all cause this.

    Do you have an RPC CAS Array? If not, then you should configure one of those as well. If you do, then ensure that the host name being used resolves correctly to a server with the CAS role.

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