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User receiving Winmail.dat Attachments

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  • User receiving Winmail.dat Attachments

    Certain users on the domain are receiving winmail.dat attachments. Exchange server is 2007 Client Outlook version is 2007. I thought that the winmail.dat was only an issue with the senders Exchange/Outlook settings.

    I have referenced the following KB articles but all of these articles are related to the sender not the receiver.


    I am wondering if there is a setting on the Exchange server that I need to adjust? Or just let the sender know that they need to adjust their Outlook settings.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: User receiving Winmail.dat Attachments

    After sending a test attachment file. The test attachment went through without the Winmail.dat attachment. So I am now having the sender follow the steps outlined in the article /kb/278061.

    Method 2: Modify the recipient's entry in the Personal Address Book

    The sender can use the following steps to remove the RTF format from the recipient attribute in the Personal Address Book:
    1. On the Tools menu, click Address Book.
    2. In Show Names From, click the Personal Address Book.
    3. Select the addressee that you want to set as plain text, and then click Properties on the File menu.
    4. In the SMTP-General tab, click to clear the Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange rich text format check box, and then click OK.
    Method 3: Change the specific contact format
    The sender can use the following steps to set plain text in the recipient's contact record:
    1. Open the recipient's record in the Contacts folder.
    2. Double-click the recipient's e-mail address.
    3. In the E-Mail Properties dialog box, click Send Plain Text only under Internet Format.