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Exchange Management Console Access Denied

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  • Exchange Management Console Access Denied

    Hi All,

    Wonder if anyone knows how to fix this?. We have Exchange 2010 SP1 installed on Windows 2008. For some reason its suddenly started denying access to the Exchange Control panel.

    The following error occured while attempting to connect to the specifed exchange server.

    The attempt to connect to http//mail.server.local/powershell using kerberos authentication failed:
    Connecting to remoted server failed with the following error message: Access is denied.

    This issue appears to come and go. For instance if i reboot the server i can get back on to the control panel. We also have the management console installed on another server, we can access it on there. Just not from the Exchange server!.

    Nothing has been changed on the box and only I have access to the box.

    It also has the same problem when i connect to the Exchange power shell.

    Keeps saying Failed to connect to an Exchange server in the current site.
    Enter the server FQDB where you want to connect:

    Any ideas.

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    Re: Exchange Management Console Access Denied

    Pretty common.

    I would also suggest installing Exchange 2010 SP2, as that will effectively reinstall the product and therefore corrects a lot of issues.

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