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Exchange 2010 ip address changing

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  • Exchange 2010 ip address changing

    Hi ,
    I have exchange server 2010 with sp2 Installed on Windows 2008 R2 on vmware environment.I have installed only three exchange roles in a single Vm (hub,cas,Mailbox).The current exchange server is working fine.Now i need to setup a DR for all my Virtual machines including Exchange server.All the replication will happen from storage to storage.The storage as inbuilt software for replication(EMC Vnxe3100)

    My question is specific to Exchange 2010 when my primary site is down and i make my DR site up. I need to power on my exchange server, once the exchange server is up the IP address will be of Primary site. How to change the ip address in DR site,what problem could occur in case of changing the ip address.How to resolve the issue of changing the ip address.

    Primary site Ip address :172.31.40.x

    Dr site Ip address:-172.31.42.x

    Need guidance how to proceed


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    Re: Exchange 2010 ip address changing

    Personally, we prefer using Exchange 2010 DAG for the failover to the DataCenter. However, for Exchange 2003, for a number of our managed service customers and for customers we provide DR services to in our Data Center, we have sometimes used a stretched vLAN across sites, so IPs don;t have to change. Exchange 2003 wise and I can't verify this for Exchange 2010 as we use DAG for failover, when we activate the DR data, we ensure that we manually change the TCP-IP settings when activated in DR and then ensure that DNS reflects the same change. You then need to consider MX records and how other services are redirected.