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Outlook 2003 reverts back to old Exchange Server

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  • Outlook 2003 reverts back to old Exchange Server

    Hi all,

    I have a very strange problem that I have been searching around for an answer. So basically, I have 2 users in the company that their Outlook 2003 keeps reverting back to the old Exchange server. The old Exchange server no longer has Exchange installed. All the mailboxes has been migrated to Exchange 2010. there are around 50 mailboxes and every user is OK, but from time to time, 2 users keep reverting back to the old Exchange server. What happens is the user will open Outlook and complain that it's disconnected. So when I check, it always has reverted to the old Exchange server. I have checked the registry as someone mentioned for details of the old exchange server. I have removed their profile and recreated their profile. Even changed the profile name. A week or two later, it reverts back. I have gone through ADSI edit and checked the HomeMTA. What is strange is all the users under HomeMTA in ADSI edit are pointed to the old exchange server. When I try to change to the new exchange server, I'm not able to. I have upgraded to Office 2003 SP3. I know somewhere Outlook is getting the old exchange server profile, I just don't know where. Any help would be appreciated. Again, this only happens for 2 users. I wasn't the one that performed the Exchange migration.

    Here are some more details:
    This is an Active Directory environment
    The 2 users are both using Windows XP and Outlook 2003
    The migration from the old to the new Exchange server happened about 6 months ago, but the problems started about 1 month ago.
    The old exchange server is up and running, but Exchange has been removed.

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    Re: Outlook 2003 reverts back to old Exchange Server

    If you are seeing the HomeMTA value in the domain being wrong, then the issue isn't with Outlook. Outlook is simply following instructions.
    Sounds to me like there is a domain replication issue - did you bring an old domain controller or site back online?

    Try moving the mailbox to a new database, to see if that will force the domain to update.

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