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Plain Text content change with Exchange 2010 SP2?

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  • Plain Text content change with Exchange 2010 SP2?


    We have a third party ticketing application that essentially POPs emails (in HTML), pulls the plain text content, and creates a ticket and then sends an email to a recipient. Since SP2, we have noticed that emails that originated as HTML are being processed in the ticketing system AND in email notifications as having garbled HTML code.

    The basic issues seems to be that Outlook emails that were created in HTML format used to (before SP2) be sent with text/plain content included with the text/html content. And now there *seems* is no text/plain content included, so the third party email processor can only get the html content, but it gets saved as raw text. I’m curious if something happened with the plain text content in HTML emails post SP2?

    The headers from emails both PRE-SP2 and POST-SP2 look identical to me.

    Does anyone know if something changed?
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