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GAL Segregation issue

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  • GAL Segregation issue

    We host a number of clients on our Exchange 2010 SP2 system. Recently, with SP2, we have configured GAL segregation via Address Book Policies, and we also use a custom attribute for further security.

    Whilst this works fine for most clients, there are occasions where it is required for a user to be able to access the mailbox of another user of a different organisation, which are now segmented by a seperate GAL. The GAL lookups naturally do not work, and its not possible for that user to add the mailbox.

    Can anyone suggest way to make exceptions so that the GAL of seperate company is viewable in certain circumstances?

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    Re: GAL Segregation issue

    The easiest way I can think of, would be to configure a seperate ABP which includes the whole organization and set the user to this ABP.

    Or remove the user from the ABP and give em that way the default ones.

    Haven't tested this but theoretically it should work.