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Exchange 2007 Message Limits

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  • Exchange 2007 Message Limits

    I have some clients that are trying to send emails to internal employees that are 10mb. They are getting bounced with the following NDR. "

    Postini #<Postini #5.3.4 smtp;552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size> #SMTP#"

    I see these pass through Postini, and it says they're delivered there, but i cannot find anywhere on my system that the message size is limited that small. Receive connectors, Transport Settings, User mailboxes, all are set to 50mb limit on message size.

    I'm out of ideas...anybody?


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    Re: Exchange 2007 Message Limits

    So all your internal mail goes via Postini? Is that an External spam filter? It would be worth checking with them whether they filter the size of emails when they forward them to your mail server? For example, they may accept them and then impose the limit when deciding whether to forward them.


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      Re: Exchange 2007 Message Limits

      Postini is set at 200mb size limit. I'm still thinking there's possibly another spot in there that it's set, but i can't find anything. Upon testing, it appears that 5mb is the max size that will come through.