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Separating Exchange 2010 traffic

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  • Separating Exchange 2010 traffic

    When we implemented Exchange 2010 the transition went very smoothly and we have had no problems at all. This is the current setup: (all are VMs)

    2 - 2008 R2 servers running as Hub Transport and Client Access Servers
    2 - 2008 R2 servers running as Mailbox Servers

    I have a CAS array setup for the transport servers and a DAG setup on the moilbox servers. However, now we are adding a failover DR site and I am having problems with the DAG and the cluster. Apparently, the initial install was done with only one NIC on each mailbox server. What I have been reading is that the MAPI and replication traffic should be on separate NICs and those NICs should be in different VLANs. This will require sooooo much more work if I have to add another VLAN. Two questions:

    1. Can I just assign different IPs in the same subnet and run the replication traffic over those. Or do the second NICs HAVE to be in another subnet in order to route the traffic?

    2. What kind of success has anybody had going from a one-NIC setup to the recommended configuration of dual NICs?

    My goal is to get everything fixed at my production site and then add the DR site when everything is setup correctly. So, I am not even considering the DR site at this point.

    As always, I appreciate all of the feedback that the experts here at Petri Coil give. Thanks in advance, everyone!!