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Auto Forwarding NDR to external address

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  • Auto Forwarding NDR to external address

    Hi all

    I need to set up an automatic forward on an Exchange 2010 mailbox. The mail flow i would like to set up is the following:

    [email protected]
    sends messages to many external addresses, and sometimes NDR messages are received back from some of these external addresses

    the NDR messages received by [email protected] are meant to be forwarded to [email protected]

    Actually, [email protected] isn't configured in any mail client application, it is instead only accessed via OWA. I already tried configuring some automatic forward rules from the OWA setup interface (for example: "forward messages containing the words "undeliverable", "impossible", to [email protected]), but the NDR messages are not forwarded.

    Is there a way to set up such a workflow?

    Thanks in Advance


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    Re: Auto Forwarding NDR to external address

    If we are talking about Exchange 2007/2010 stop looking at the client side, look at Transport Rules instead. It's all there.


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      Re: Auto Forwarding NDR to external address

      The behaviour of the rules in Outlook is what I would expect. Non Delivery reports are special system messages and you cannot set rules to them.

      Transport rules might be able to do the job, it isn't something I have ever tried though.

      Personally I would use Exchange for any kind of bulk emailing run which could generate NDRs that need to be processed, Using a dedicated service or application would be a better choice, which can also generate reports for you.

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        I don't know whether there was a some issue but actually I could forward the mails to outlook other internal mail box using the rules. Now since past few days I cannot forward the mail any more instead it could only move to other folder in same mail box.