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Another couple SMTP domains.

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  • Another couple SMTP domains.


    We have a single DC and seperate Exchange 2010 server. Our email domain is currently and our AD domain is XYZ.local

    We have started a couple of new companies and acquired the relevant domains. We would like to have the new companies mail to be handled by our existing exchange server.

    How would I go about this (Public MX records already pointing to our exchange server). Can AD users send and receive mail from multiple email domains using Outlook?


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    Re: Another couple SMTP domains.

    organisation configuration > hub transport > accepted domains
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      Re: Another couple SMTP domains.


      Thanks for the prompt response.

      I gathered that much, but how does the end user manage their multiple accounts with different SMTP? Outlook 2010.

      [email protected] might now also have [email protected]

      How does he see both mailboxes, and send from various?


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        Re: Another couple SMTP domains.

        As far as Exchange is concerned, all users only have one email address - the default. Any other email address on the account is just an alias and is for inbound email only. There is no mechanism to choose what address to send the email as.

        Natively your only option is to use another mailbox. This mailbox would have the other address on it. There are no licencing implications on having additional mailboxes.

        Outlook 2010 allows you to add another mailbox as an additional account. The user will get alerts from that additional mailbox and when sending email can choose which account the email goes from. You can only do this in Outlook. OWA does not offer this feature (you can login to another account that you have access to) and neither does ActiveSync.

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