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Equipment mailbox sync with Mobile Device

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  • Equipment mailbox sync with Mobile Device

    At this moment we have a public folder (calendar) which we use for planning purposes. This folder cannot be synchronized with a mobile device. Therefore I want to change the public folder to a user or equipment mailbox, which can be synchronized. So far so good.

    But what I want is that only one user can modify the items in the calendar end the other users cannot. I have to give the onze user write permissions to the calendar (or Full Access to the mailbox) and I want to delete the Full Access permissions from the user itself. The user self, can only read the items in the calendar, because that's the account which is used to synchronize.

    Is this possibly without using any third party tools?

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    Re: Equipment mailbox sync with Mobile Device

    You can use Outlook to modify folder permissions for a mailbox. Or you can use ExFolders (PFDAVADMIN) which will accomplish the same thing.