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Exchange 2010/2003 Coexistence Help-Problem with SMTP Relay or IIS

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  • Exchange 2010/2003 Coexistence Help-Problem with SMTP Relay or IIS

    Current network environment: Exchange 2003/2010 Coexistence - All mail is sent and received from EXCH03

    Recent Network Event: I recently had several Exchange Services that would constantly restart all of a sudden. No email would go out because of this. I did some research and found that I had corruption in my IIS Metabase so I went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled IIS and then performed a setup.exe /reinstall option for Exchange 2003. I then reapplied and performed all updates and mail was up and going again.

    I currently have 3 Virtual SMTP Servers configured. The primary Virtual SMTP server is sending out mail no problem. But one of them is not sending email between servers at all. We use this V-SMTP for service accounts. But when I perform an SMTP telnet test I immediately get a queued message. I can see the sessions connected but nothing is going out from this V-SMTP server to the Exchange 2010 mailboxes. Anyone ever see this before??

    I'm thinking two scenarios and the first is that Iím still having some kind of IIS problem or the second that I'm having some type of issue with my Bi-Directional Routing Group connector.

    Help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Exchange 2010/2003 Coexistence Help-Problem with SMTP Relay or IIS

    Why do you have multiple SMTP virtual servers?
    As they don't work in the way that you think they do.
    Exchange will use any one of them to try and send the email, and you cannot control which one it will use.

    There is very little reason to have multiple SMTP virtual servers. Almost certainly the issue will be around the configuration of the additional SMTP virtual servers and the first thing I would be looking to do is remove the others and configure the Default back to the default settings.

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