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Exchange 2010 - Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/s)

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    Re: Exchange 2010 - Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/s)

    Morning Virtual,

    Thats an interesting though and something I hadn't even through about - so if a customer has configured their own domain name (let say for some reason they called their local domain PETRI.CO.IL) that's resolvable externally it will break OA config, and disallow the creation of SSL Certs (and I presume break lots of other stuff...)

    I think I was pretty much at that stage (apart from the certificate) - though this setup is much simpler:

    >>>Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory |fl identity,internalurl,externalurl
    Identity : SERVER\EWS (Default Web Site)
    InternalUrl :
    ExternalUrl :

    Name Server InternalUrl
    ---- ------ -----------
    Autodiscover (Default Web Site) SERVER

    >>>Get-ClientAccessServer |fl identity,autodiscoverserviceinternaluri
    Identity : SERVER
    AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri :

    Pinging and SERVER.domain.local from the client PC fail, pinging resolves to the public IP in the external DNS.

    Pinging, SERVER.domain.local and from the LAN resolves to the private IP.

    So I'm guessing all this is right, and they just need a UCC cert with and SERVER.domain.local in it.

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      Re: Exchange 2010 - Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/s)

      In my case, their AD domain was resolvable on the internet and they didn't own the address. Their registered external domain used by Exchange was the SMTP address and providing external access, hence having to make some changes.

      It does allow you to reduce the entries for the cert. I have even used a Wildcard certificate before as have used the same for a number of systems. I tend to also include netbios name etc as well on the cert but it depends how you configure the URLs.

      Also, using a wildcard can give limitations in Exchange, so one to be tested.

      How about try a free trial with a Certificate provider at some point and test this on a test system representative of the Production one. Maybe even P to V the current.


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        Re: Exchange 2010 - Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/s)

        Morning All,

        Just a quick update on this - customer purchased a full, externally verified SSL certificate - all problems with OA are resolved as a result

        Cheers for the assist everyone



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          Re: Exchange 2010 - Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP/s)

          Good to hear and thanks for posting back.