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Mixed Smarthost/Direct send connectors

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  • Mixed Smarthost/Direct send connectors

    Have a small exchange cluster that recently had mail start queuing after a smarthost we were using went down for a little while. Client was not happy, they want redundancy. I have already put in monitoring to watch the queue length but am looking at adding multiple exit points for mail.

    I know that I can add additional smarthosts to the current connector, so adding a second smarthost provider may be an option.

    I was wondering, if I had the current smarthost connector, address space *, weight 1 and added a second connector, address space * weight 2 would messages that cannot flow over the first connector try the second? I can configure the second connector that goes out to the internet and setup ptr and spf records so if the smarthost fails we go to more traditional means.

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    Re: Mixed Smarthost/Direct send connectors

    if you setup 2 smart host entry in send connector , exchange will use 2 smart host as load balancing - round-robin first and then use fault tolerance if one host fails


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      Re: Mixed Smarthost/Direct send connectors

      Exchange will use the lowest cost connector first. Therefore if you have two connectors, both with address space of * and cost of 1 and 2, then the connector with cost 2 will be ignored.
      If the smart host goes down then email will queue.

      If you want redundancy then your only option is to have both smart hosts on the same connector, or two connectors with the same cost.

      Personally, if you can get the DNS and PTR set correctly, I would go for direct delivery anyway. I only use a smart host when that isn't possible.

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