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Sending Large Attachments Failing

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  • Sending Large Attachments Failing

    For background, I am running 2k3 and 2k10 together as I am mid-way through migration.
    Noticed recently when trying to send a 30Mb file that it bounced back as too large. Tried smaller ones and it seems to fail if the attachment goes much over 10Mb.

    Checked in the only places I know on both 2k3 and 2k10 and there is no limit set.

    This happens to users with mailboxes on the 2k3 or 2k10 server.

    It is not the recipient mailbox (which is outside of our organisation) as they can receive large attachents from other sources.

    Can anyone offer any advice please on what to check and what this might be?

    It's not a massive problem just yet but it will become one soon.

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    Re: Sending Large Attachments Failing

    Saying you have checked the usual places doesn't help to know what those were, because you may not know all of the places to check.
    Are you using a smart host to send email? If so the issue could be there.

    Check the Send Connector, SMTP connector, Global Settings.

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