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Replace Exchange SSL Certificate

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  • itkey
    started a topic Replace Exchange SSL Certificate

    Replace Exchange SSL Certificate

    For background, I am running 2k3 and 2k10 together as I am mid-way through migration.

    When I setup 2k10 I got my SAN certificate from GoDaddy and installed it as required by requesting it from within Exchange and generating the request).

    A few weeks later I modified the certificate on GoDaddy to add another SAN.

    They reissued the certificate and revoked the old one.

    Now Exchange thinks it's certificate has been revoked and all services using it fail.

    Is there an easy way to resolve this?

    have the new certificate file from GoDaddy but cannot import it as it says a certificate with the same thumbprint already exists. I also can't remove the existing one as it says it is linked to the Transport services.

    Help please.

  • Sembee
    Re: Replace Exchange SSL Certificate

    You should have created a new certificate request, then through the GoDaddy system used the new request to create the additional names, rather than just adding them.

    Therefore create a new request then do a rekey against the new certificate request (with the required names on it). Then you will be able to import the resulting file.


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