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spammer use my spoofing my domain

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  • spammer use my spoofing my domain

    Hello team,

    Has anyone ever experienced that spammer spoofing their domain to send out spammer email.

    I encounter today, my domain has been spoofing. My server wasn't use for a relay or compromise.

    How do I go about to fix this spoofing issue? It's seem like out of my control.


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    Re: spammer use my spoofing my domain

    There is not that much you can do, but google SPF and set that up.
    At least you can let everyone else know that his emails are fake, while yours from your server are legit.

    and start here.
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      Re: spammer use my spoofing my domain

      I would go as far as to say there is nothing you can do.

      While SPF records and the like can help a little bit, their use is much too low to make any major difference, but if you don't set them up correctly they can stop your legitimate email being delivered correctly or even simply make no effect at all, because the record is wrong and says that anyone can send as your server.

      I expect that you are getting the bounce backs? If that is the case then that simply means the operator of the server hasn't set their server up correctly to begin with. If they cannot do recipient filtering correctly then it is unlikely they are using SPF records.

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