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VPN Outlook 2007/Exchange 2010 issues

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  • VPN Outlook 2007/Exchange 2010 issues

    Hey all,

    I have an issue at the moment with a laptop that connects to a VPN (juniper network connect IPSEC).

    The laptop can sit with VPN connected fine (browsing the network, etc) but as soon as Outlook is opened it starts to cause issues.

    VPN traffic with Outlook open seems to completely take priority over other traffic and stop all other internet traffic (including my remote desktop connection) during this period Outlook also disconnects and then reconnects up to 5 minutes later when the traffic flows again.

    I am thinking maybe change Outlook to run RPC over HTTPS but due to the nature of the client they cannot have internet facing Exchange Servers so it would have to run RPC over HTTPS over VPN, is this possible?

    Has any encountered a similar problem?

    I have tried cable to router, wireless, changing the MTU to try and stabilise but nothing seems to work.



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    Re: VPN Outlook 2007/Exchange 2010 issues

    RPC-over-HTTPS can be used internally also, make sure to configure it correctly at server side and configure Outlook to use RPC-over-HTTPS first while detecting slow and fast network connections.


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      Re: VPN Outlook 2007/Exchange 2010 issues

      Hi FischFra,

      Sorry to be really dump this will sound stupid should I be setting the https location as a local Server name then for it to resolve locally?

      I've set this up before but only for remote machines where it is of course the OWA address..

      Thanks a bunch,



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        Re: VPN Outlook 2007/Exchange 2010 issues

        If you want to use Outlook Anywhere everywhere then you will need to ensure that the external host name resolves internally - so will need to use a split DNS system. If you attempt to change the host name in Outlook it will simply be corrected by autodiscover.

        Although I have used Outlook over VPNs without any issue for many many years so the problem would be something with the VPN configuration and I would be asking the vendor for assistance, rather than trying to use Outlook in another way.

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