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Merging 2 Exchange Servers

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  • Merging 2 Exchange Servers


    So, what we have is 2 companies.

    Both are running 2008 domain, with Exchange 2010 server(s).

    There may be a need to merge them together onto a single set of servers, instead of the 2 it is on now. Save on power/cooling!

    Let's say Company A will be moving all their data to Company B's servers.

    Company A - 2 Exchange 2010 SP1 Servers, in a DAG
    Company B - 1 Exchange 2010 Server, not in a DAG

    AD accounts are very simple, so they will be just created as new accounts on B's AD.

    Data is also very straightforward, no issues there.

    So its just how to properly move the mailboxes (multiple domains, groups and other non-default settings).

    I guess a simple export-import would do the trick but this may require lots of downtime and I am assuming some settings may be lost?

    Any other methods?

    For what it is worth, the physical hardware (servers, switches etc) are in adjacent cabinets. The both run on the same physical network but are on different VLANS. There are ACL's on the core switches to prevent vlans from communicating (Business Park setup).

    Maybe there are other considerations I have missed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Merging 2 Exchange Servers

    If you don't want the networks communicate with eachother, you make things more complicate and a export might be be your only option.

    On the other hand, if you connect the networks it's a simple cross forest migration, plenty of information around.


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      Re: Merging 2 Exchange Servers

      I see.

      Connecting the networks may not be an option, as that is controlled by the Business Park and I know in the oast when we have requested ACL changes they have simply said "no"...


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        Re: Merging 2 Exchange Servers

        if it is jut a physical connection, can you add a NIC to each side and get a cheap switch?
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          Re: Merging 2 Exchange Servers

          I guess that is would that work?


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            Re: Merging 2 Exchange Servers

            Does Export also include Autocomplete information?


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              Re: Merging 2 Exchange Servers

              Is it autocomplete with regards to remembered email addresses? If you are using Outlook 2010, the mailbox should have a Suggested Contacts section, so I believe they should then follow. Otherwise, you will need to ensure the NK2 file is migrated though if you migrate the NK2 to a different organisation, you will have some broken email addresses that are based on the old GAL.