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  • Exchange 2010 Lab

    Hi everyone, this is my first post re exchange and i'm hoping someone is willing to share some much needed knowledge.

    Ok, so i'm busy learning exchange 2010, i don't have difficulty with the common tasks. what i'm trying to do is setup exchange to receive and send mail externally.

    I don't have an static IP by an ISP so what ive done is setup this in a lab like this.

    EXH_2010 (

    Router in between to route traffic between be 2 sites internal network and my fake external network

    EXH_2010 (

    I have a DNSroot server setup with DNS and IP198.41.0.10.

    No firewalls are setup and i can resolve names across the routed network across the domains.

    MX records
    I have MX and A records on my DNSroot for both my exchange servers in the 2 sites aswell as MX records in the local dns servers of the sites.

    Send Connectors

    Are setup on both exchange servers and configured to query local DNS for MX record.
    My Hub Transport server is also configured for external DNS and it point to DNSROOT server.


    Firstly i'm not sure if the above is even possible and could work becuase it's all simulated..but if i had to guess i reckon my issue could be dns..i really want to understand and get this working so any help would be great.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

    This setup should work if configured correctly. First question is what is your actual problem?

    You described a common setup for a lab environment, there is just one point missing. If you use the default receive connectors at each E2010 box you should activate "Anonymous users" at the permission groups tab.

    Just test then if you are able to telnet the other E2010 box at port 25 and try resolving the MX records using nslookup.


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      Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

      Thanks for the reply Fischfra. youre right i should have explained better, i could'nt send or receive mail "externally"

      I did finally get it working .. my DNS was incorrectly configured initially.

      Also when i tried pinging my individual exh servers with their FQDN's only one replied.
      After some digging one of my routers was setup wrong so no comms was getting to the exchange server in the second site.

      Thanks for the tip on the receive connectors, i was getting that exact error referring to my mail beeing blocked due to security policies. Once fixed it worked like a charm.

      Now next phase. Firewalls and publishing OWA.

      Any advise on basic skills required for a good exchange admin?


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        Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

        Reasonable knowledge of Windows Server (MCSA equivalent)
        Basic networking / TCPIP / DNS knowledge
        Good knowledge of Outlook client / mobile devices

        oh, and of course, Exchange knowledge
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          Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

          Ok, so im on the firewall part of my Lab. I've installed ISA server 2006 and configured my access policies.
          I have the 2 sites but only one site has the FW installed.

          i can send from the site with the firewall configured - the mail traverls through the proxy and is delivered to the "no" firewall site.
          Issue is i can't receive mail through my firewall.
          I'm using the same rule that's working when sending mail out and i've configured it to allow SMTP and DNS from "everywhere" to "everywhere" just to get it working.

          No go.
          When i turn logging on in ISA i don't see any SMTP or DNS packets beeing blocked from coming is..

          What could i be missing? when remove the FW it all works 100%


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            Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

            So you have allowed anonymous users on the Exchange 2010 Receive Connector for Port 25?


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              Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

              @Virtual, yes confirmed..


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                Re: Exchange 2010 Lab

                is this a residential internet service provider? if so they may likely be blocking the traffic.
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