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remove-mailboxpermission -inheritanceType?

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  • remove-mailboxpermission -inheritanceType?

    a particular user belongs to a group, that at some point, was given full access to all mailboxes.
    I can check "manage full access" and the user has specific full access permission granted, but it didn't work.

    It looks like the other team members have been removing, and re-adding, permissions to make it work.

    So I tried the same thing on this mailbox.
    I noticed, on reapplying, that I get

    "remove-mailboxpermission -ID "mailbox" -user "MailboxAccesser" -Deny -InheritanceType 'All' -AccessRights 'FullAccess'

    This is then fulled by the 'add-mailboxpermission' cmdlet.

    Does this suggest, that somewhere, his full access is being denied higher up the tree?
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