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  • Adding New Mailbox Server

    Hi everyone
    I have a question. I currently have a Clustered Exchange 2007 mailbox server. I am getting ready to move my entire organization to a new data center, and I want to have as little downtime as possible. My thought is to create a new Mailbox server on an ESX cluster in the new site, move all of the mailboxes over to the server, and then retire the old DB. My question is even though my main mailbox server is clustered, can i add a standard, non-clustered mailbox server to this setup without any issues?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated



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    Re: Adding New Mailbox Server

    The fact that you are using a cluster makes no difference. It is still just a mailbox server as far as the clients and Exchange is concerned.
    Therefore build the new server and replicate public folders. Then move the mailboxes. leave both the old and the new servers alive for a week or so while clients get updated, then remove the cluster following the instructions on Technet.

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      Re: Adding New Mailbox Server

      A question I would ask is what about your CAS/ HUB roles? Are those services being moved to the new data center? Are you running a single server for all roles? Or do you have a CAS/HUB or CAS and HUb server seperate from your mailbox server? In order to move those, you would need to ensure that you build out those roles as well, and then transfer the CAS/ HUB roles over to the new servers as well. Order of migration is up to you, most of the time, moving the mailboxes first is the lengthier task, so it is often performed last.

      If you can update how many total servers you have and their roles, I can give you a quick migration guide writeup.

      As to removal of any roles, follow this guide from the Exchange 2007 help by Googling "How to Remove Exchange 2007 Roles" (I haven't posted 5 times yet, or I'd put the link here), it will be the first result.



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        Re: Adding New Mailbox Server

        Here's the link to remove the roles once migration is done: