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    I want to have 2 policies. The first is anything in the entire mailbox older then 90 days gets moved into the Deleted Items folder. Then I want the deleted Items folder to be deleted (delete and Allow Recovery) after 90 days. I only see what I can apply 1 of these to a mailbox.
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    Re: Retention Policy Tag

    IIRC you can have only one POLICY per mailbox, but the policy can contain multiple TAGS
    You need to create an inbox tag (delete after 90 days) and a Deleted Items tag (similar) and add both to the same policy
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      Re: Retention Policy Tag

      I created 2 Retention Policy tags. One for the inbox which would move items older then 90days into the Deleted Items folder. The other for the Deleted Item which will delete and allow recovery and the age limit is 90days.
      I then made a new Retention Policy and added those 2 tags to the policy and added 1 mailbox to see if it will work. I still have messages in the inbox that are older then 90days (from July , August) and the same with the deeted item folder. How does it determine the 90days and when does it start to process the mailbox? I know I can use Powershell and use Start-ManageFolderAssistant but I want to see it done automatically.