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exchnage 2010 and exchange 2003

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  • exchnage 2010 and exchange 2003

    I have an co-existing exchange 2003/2010

    If I set exchange 2010 without connector the exch2010 user will not able to send to external user but able to accept from them

    IF i set an connector all emails go through 2010 and we rather have the user be sent through 03 due possible emails may wind in spam list since that server has never sent emails prior

    I plan to do a warming ip but untiol then how do I solve this issue

    FYI all emails come into 03 sinmce it the only mx record so the bridgeappears to work since 10 users get their emails

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    Re: exchnage 2010 and exchange 2003

    at a guess, you need to set a connector on EX10 to route all mail to EX03.
    Then make sure EX03 knows to accept email on the connector, and forward it on.

    (Else, use EX03 as a SmartHost!)
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      Re: exchnage 2010 and exchange 2003

      Assuming with co-existing you mean Exchange 2003 and 2010 are in den same organization, since your E2010 users are receiving Internet mails the RGC between E2003 and E2010 is working for at least one direction (E2003 --> E2010).

      The question is if your Exchange 2010 users are able to send to the Exchange 2003 users. If yes something might be wrong with the SMTP connector at the E2003 server.

      Depending on which mails can be send right now, I would check the follwoing thing:
      • the RGC in direction E2010 --> E2003
      • the SMTP connector at the Exchange 2003, probably a site scope configured or any other kind of restrictions
      • the Default SMTP connector at the Exchange 2003 (he is receiving the mails from E2010)
      • Firewall settings or Anti-Virus software at the at both servers.