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Creating an Exchange 2010 test environment

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  • Creating an Exchange 2010 test environment

    I have been tasked with creating a test environment for 2010 Exchange, as we need to test the recently released SP2 update but not in a live environment.

    The environment is fully virtualised, with a primary and secondary site each consisting of a CAS/HTS and Mailbox server, and a DAG replicatiing the single mailbox database.

    I plan on using the clone feature within VMWare to essentially provide an exact copy of each VM within an isolated environment, however it seems this is not possible without taking the VM offline, can anyone provide guidance as how best to do this, or recommend a better course of action?

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    Re: Creating an Exchange 2010 test environment

    "Bare metal" restore your backups to new VMs would probably be the easiest method.
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      Re: Creating an Exchange 2010 test environment

      Just build a new platform in VMWARE. I can build a test environment in less than three hours, so it shouldn't be too difficult to replicate your environment.
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