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  • SBS2011 - Exchange 2010 -

    Hi to all

    This is my first post and I am hoping somewhere in this I will find the answer to an annoying question.

    I have just completed two SBS2011 installs both of which are using Exchange 2010. Periodically on both servers users, when opening Outlook, are being prompted for a username and password from Outlook is setup in the convetional way of server name - and the user name is being found and correctly entered in the second box. No one is using cached mode either.

    If you enter the domain\username and password the issue goes away for a short period of time however it does come back. I saw a thread on here relating to a similar problem on Exchange 2007 and there was alot of talk about rollup patches. I know my exchange boxes are both running Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010.

    Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated as it is driving me and my client's nuts.

    Many Thanks


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    Re: SBS2011 - Exchange 2010 -

    did you get a certificate made ?

    the most common remote name used for sbs now (including remote email and RWW) is Remote.Domain.Com

    you may also need to make sure you've registered an Autodiscover SRV record. You'll have to check wit your hosting provider about this - unless you also made a full ucc certificate
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      Re: SBS2011 - Exchange 2010 -

      Thanks for the response. I did go throught the wizard for the self certfied certificate. I will have a look at the AutoDiscover SVR record as I am not sure what that is