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    Hi everyone,

    So we get a pretty hefty amount of spam throughout the day and I decided to enable the anti-spam filter as well as create a quarantine account. This account will automatically receive messages with a certain SCL number which is periodically checked for false positives.

    Our environment: We are currently running Exchange 2007 and have 2 servers running the whole show. We have an edge transport server which the anti-spam settings are configured and a hub transport server which basically receives the messages once cleared via the edge transport.

    The issue: even after adding certain domains to the "IP Allow List Providers", I am still seeing messages in the quarantine inbox from those safe listed domains. I have tried adding the IP address that I am consistently seeing in the message headers but I'm not sure if that is sufficient enough. Any ideas?

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    Re: Allow to safelist

    Exchange 2007 works with different anti-spam agents, if a mails passes one it not necessarily passes the next or the one after this and so on.

    Including them into the IP Allow list means they pass the IP blocking agent (name might differ since I haven't a Exchange 2007 here to check), but the mail might not pass the content filter agent and so on.

    So you have to configure or enable/disable all agents for your needs.


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      Re: Allow to safelist

      Got it, I'll be sure to double check all the other filters. Is there anything else besides domain and originating IP I should take into consideration when looking through the headers?