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in-place upgrade from 2007 to 2010 (thinking out loud)

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  • in-place upgrade from 2007 to 2010 (thinking out loud)

    Exchange 2007 SP2
    Windows 2008 SP2
    Win2k3 AD

    from a previous post,, i am planning to have mailbox and PF redundancy but from the researches that i did it was pointed out that upgrading to 2010 is a better option (thanks Simon).

    now i'm reading this article,, and it hit me,

    1. can an in-place upgrade be successful or
    2. i plan to install a VM in the existing server coz i'm short of servers

    i only have around 700 mailboxes, only a handful don't use PST while the rest are using PST files.

    just thinking out loud here. i think option 2 is not advisable coz of performance hits. maybe i shd order a new server and have a co-existence for some time.

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    Re: in-place upgrade from 2007 to 2010 (thinking out loud)

    If your in-place idea means to simply run setup for Exchange 2010 on your installed Exchange 2007 server then the answer is no, will not work.

    But to upgrade your Exchange Org to Exchange 2010 while introducing a new Exchange 2010 server then yes, this in-place upgrade will work and it's the only way I would do it.

    To use a VM is really up to you. If it meets the requirements for Exchange 2010 and all prereqs written by Microsoft while using a VM are fullfilled feel free to use a VM.