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header re-writing

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  • header re-writing

    I have a potential client, who wants to do some address re-writing. Basically, they have about 20 people, and they want them all to have the addresses represented externally based on teams, so "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" etc
    Rather than their own internal addresses. They don't want to use send-as, or shared/public folders.

    I've found this:

    and it looks like, with Edge Transport, I can re-write. However, the example is only showing for an individual user.. can i re-write multiple users, to the same address ?

    for instance:
    New-AddressRewriteEntry –Name [email protected] to [email protected]
    -InternalAddress [email protected] –ExternalAddress [email protected]

    New-AddressRewriteEntry –Name to [email protected]
    -InternalAddress [email protected] –ExternalAddress [email protected]

    where it says edge-transport is necessary.. does that mean a specific additional edge server...? Ie, it wouldn't wokr on an sbs node ?
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    Re: header re-writing

    I have found my answer.. Edge Transport is a separate role, and cannot be included on your sbs server.
    THat's not to say you can't setup another Exchange server running ET though.

    I've found some posts, suggesting that it may be possible to hack it in there, but while they got so far as being able to actually load the transport rule modules, they couldn't get the cmdlets working, so ultimately, it was fairly fruitless.
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      Re: header re-writing

      The other option is third party tools. Exclaimer can do address rewriting I believe.
      Address rewriting is one of the few features that requires Edge. Still makes Edge poor value for money though.

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