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Utility/Function for viewing all users mailboxes

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  • Utility/Function for viewing all users mailboxes

    The directors in a company that I am installing SBS2011 to, want the facility to be able to snoop through all users mailboxes. Does such a thing exist? I have already given them the rights to the mailboxes and they can add the user they want to look at through outlook, but they are complaining that this is too annoying to add/remove constantly.

    Anyone know of anything that can do what they are after?

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    Re: Utility/Function for viewing all users mailboxes

    Probably the Discovery Search Mailbox, which allows targetted searches (requires permissions)
    Also how about OWA, to quickly switch from one mbx to another?
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      Re: Utility/Function for viewing all users mailboxes

      Tx Oss

      I was after some out of the box tool that would enable them just to browse through users mailboxes. They want to monitor their staff activity, but not do anything that seems like 'hard work' lol.

      To top it off these guys are a nightmare when it comes to anything 'technical'.

      I'll have a look myself at the Discovery search mailbox, but I think that will probably be beyond them. OWA is just as fiddly for them as the document I've written for them using outlook to add/remove mailboxes.

      If there isn't anything out there, that simplifies this for them, they will just have to grin n bear it.

      /wave from rainy Scotland


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        Re: Utility/Function for viewing all users mailboxes

        I hope the staff have been told that they are looking at the mailboxes, otherwise they are in breach of the DPA. Being owner/director of the company does not mean they can just look in the mailboxes without telling people. Usually this is dealt with via an IT policy document that buries the permission on page 28 which no one reads.

        There is no "Browse" functionality in Exchange. If you want to look through mailboxes then what they are doing now is the only option.

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