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Exchange 2010 For Local Domain

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  • Exchange 2010 For Local Domain


    I have installed Server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010. My company's website and Email is hosted on the internet and we are using my providers SMTP and POP3 settings to access and send email. Now I want to configure Exchange such that the users can access the services like Calender, Contacts, tasks etc through my local exchange but send and receive the email using my providers SMTP and POP3 settings. I will appreciate as any one can guide me how to do this step wise and this is my first time, i am playing with Exchange. My local domain name is ozpcdr.local and clients will use Outlook 2007.


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    Re: Exchange 2010 For Local Domain

    Considering Exchange is a full fledged MTA why not move away from your ISP and have your mail delivered via SMTP?
    If you are going to continue to use POP3 you will need to download and configure a POP collector for mail delivery. Likewise on your send connector you can use your ISP as a smarthost.


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      Re: Exchange 2010 For Local Domain

      You can't really run Exchange without email. It is primarily an email server and if you configure Outlook clients to use it, then they will send email through it.

      POP3 connectors universally suck. There is native connector accept in SBS and that is designed to help move you to Exchange managing all of your email.
      Therefore your best option is to migrate completely to Exchange, bypassing the ISP completely. If you don't have a static IP address then that isn't an issue either, and for outbound email continue to send through your ISPs SMTP server.

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