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Ex07 / Outlook07 OOF

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  • Ex07 / Outlook07 OOF

    Utterly stumped on this one and have been for days...

    Basically using ex07 on a win2k8 x64 server running in hyper-v. Users using Outlook07.
    When clicking on OOF Assistant, the following is displayed:
    <edit>wrong error message copied"Your out of office settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Please try again later."</edit> OOF can be set using OWA, but not Outlook, so I'm guessing its an EWS/Autodiscover problem.

    Have followed numerous articles online, too many to remember what I have tried if I'm honest.

    When running the Autodiscover test, all URL's are found ok, all looks good.

    Have tried Recreating the virtual folders in IIS7.

    When running "Test-OutlookWebServices | fl" it finds the autodiscover site and then I get the folowing :
    error 1013. The underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred on a send.
    error 1013. unable to read data from the transport connection: an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    So... any and all ideas welcome, even if I've tried it before, at this stage its starting to become a serious but chewer from my boss!
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    Re: Ex07 / Outlook07 OOF

    Interference or wrong DNS, host name etc. That is the usual cause. AV can do this in some cases.

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      Re: Ex07 / Outlook07 OOF

      DNS seems ok. Bit more info:

      External domain: - (emails =, owa = etc)
      internal domain: - (used for all of the AD)

      I have set 2 sites in IIS, one for internal, one for external. Both have different IP's. Self made SSL Cert. on internal, purchased on external. Currently ext. cert only has mailgate on it, so yes still get errors for anything else, need to add the others, but it works.

      This morning, I have been able to access OOF from an Outlook 2010 client and it seems to work fine. However, I have tried to access it from a 2007 client and it pops up error about cert and the cert is the external one! Not sure why it is using the external one, as that is assigned to the External Site, which is on a different IP... unless... having a brain thought... dangerous and scary them... could be DNS cache on the client still pointing at the external IP address.... I'll test that and report back


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        Re: Ex07 / Outlook07 OOF

        ok, well finally I have it sorted! (I hope... Only taken all week... jeez...) Was no one single thing, combo of several, the final of which was DNS Cache on the clients. But its now all setup, SSL on both internal and external sites, Autodiscover works, EWS works, OOF works, OWA works... everybody happy!