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Accidental Exchange 2007 Failover

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  • Accidental Exchange 2007 Failover

    Hello Guys,

    I am using Exchange 2007 for our email messaging solution. On the different network we have another Exchange 2007 installed whos only purpose is to host Mitel Pbx public folders thats it. These two networks are completely separate but they can communicate with each other. Yesterday, my primary exchange server was unable to send mails (intended for external domains) but was working fine for local users. I check the Message Tracking and discovered that all the mails are going to other exchange server instance (Mitel) and checked the Exchange (Mitel) and its que was overloaded with all the undelivered emails. This Exchange (Mitel) is used locally to store public folders and it cannot send mails outside. My question is that, Why this failover occured, Why the Exchange (Mitel) took over for external email sending. I also discovered a public connector in exchange (Mitel) that should have delivered the emails outside but it couldn't.

    I solved the problem by rebooting the main exchange and then when it came back I rebooted the Exchange (Mitel) one and it seemed to work fine. But in the process I lost all the mails in Que of Exchange (Mitel).

    This all process doesn't make any sense to me. Any help will be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Accidental Exchange 2007 Failover

    Difficult to answer without knowing more about your installation.
    Are the Exchangeservers part of the same organization?
    What connectors with which address spaces are configured?
    Did you have a network error at your primary Exchangeserver?