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    Hi All,
    I followed a guide to allow me to send unauthenticated emails from my exchange server. (cant post link til 4 more posts!)

    Ideally though, we would like to lock it down to a domain users authentication. So: Normally in our 2003 enviroments (a few different clients have this setup). We configure a account (extsend)
    this is normally used for sending emails from secondary addresses.

    In 2010 im struggling to find a way I can setup a relay that would allow us to authenticate a Users (ie. extsend) through the relay..

    We also use things such as servicedesk Pro that will automatically send out emails. Currently our server is setup as unauthenicated to allow these emails to send. But this is not ideal by any means.

    Ideally this needs to be opened to all IP addresses within the recieve remote mail section - as people on the move who need to send from a secondary account will not always be at particular IP addresses.

    Just to note: all users have exchange accounts setup on their outlook clients. They would then have a secondary account that is a POP3 account that is configured onto to send emails using sender authenication of: extsend

    Please help! Thanks

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    Re: Relay Exchange 2010

    You are over complicating this.
    First - Exchange 2010 comes out of the box ready for client authentication. The "Client" Receive Connector is setup for it, although it uses the the SMTP over SSL port - 587. If your clients can use that port and configuration,t hen I would encourage them to do so.

    Otherwise on the connector that you have created, ensure that basic authentication (Authentication tab) and Exchange users is enabled and anonymous is disabled (both on the Permissions Groups tab).

    What is the purpose of the secondary account and POP3? POP3 is an awful protocol which I believe has no place in a business environment. Outlook Anywhere and multiple accounts all the way. With Outlook 2010 the last justification for POP3 (making it easy for users to choose which address or connecting to multiple independent Exchange environments at the same time) has gone away.

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