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Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors

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  • Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors


    I am looking at a system which has 3 windows 2008 r2 servers. Two are DCs, Dns servers. One is on the same domain running TMG 2010 and is registered on the domain.

    One of the DCs runs exchange 2007 sp1 as a Single instance installation. All working fine with the exception of active sync.

    OWA is set up and running perfectly both internally and externally.

    Active sync is not working however, either from externally using any phone, or from internally using an emulator.

    Http 500 error is being show regularly, but there are no helpful entries in the IIS log files.

    I have used EMS to remove the active sync virtual directories and recreated them, but no change.

    I have also gone into the GPs and ensured that inheritance is not the cause of the problem.

    Grateful for any suggestions as to how to get it going... They are quite reliant on mobile access these days!

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    Re: Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors

    Hi Ad123,

    I am not sure whether you have already resolved your issue but if not then could you please answer the below questions:

    1. If you browse, what is the result?
    2. What is the authentication method on ActiveSync virtual directory?
    3. Do you get 0x80010014 on the Emulator? By the way which version of Emulator are you using?
    4. Any thing in the event logs regarding activesync?
    5. Can you create a new OU and then remove inheritance on it (security tab) and then create a test user. Configure emulator internally to see if that works?
    6. Also is it possible for you to disable IPV6 on the Windows 2008 box, if yes please follow this Kb: and try syncing again.

    I hope you have already solved the issue and if yes then do post your solution. If not I will wait for your reply.

    Technical Director
    Ex-Microsoft (Exchange Client & Server Infrastructure Team), MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, MCTS & ITIL Foundation certified


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      Re: Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors

      Dear Jedi001,

      Many thanks for your response. Sadly, issue not resolved, have even had some exchange 'experts' scratching their heads!

      Am away at the moment, but will play around with it tomorrow evening and endeavour to answer your specific questions.

      Thanks for your time taken in replying.


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        Re: Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors

        I would say the source of this error lies in this sentence " ... One of the DCs runs exchange 2007 sp1 as a Single instance installation....".

        Beside the fact that this isn't supported by Microsoft, running Exchange on DCs does need some reconfiguration of some security aspects.

        I would go the following way:
        - Install a new Exchange 2007 Server with the latest patch version (SP3 Rollup X) at a domain member
        - configure appropriate
        - migrate users to the new Exchange
        - remove Exchange from the DC
        - remove the DC
        - reinstall the DC
        - test Active Sync.

        Or you can try to get Active Sync at this messed installation working. It's up to you.


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          Re: Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors

          Dear all,

          Well after a significant amount of time invested, I located the problem:

          Authentication types in IIS under active sync:
          Anonymous authentication: disabled
          Basic authentication: enabled
          Digest authentication: disabled:
          Forms authentication: disabled
          Windows authentication: enabled.

          The tool I used for testing was accessmylan. Absolutely brilliant instant solution which lets you check for active sync connectivity either internally or externally thus getting to the root cause of the problem.

          I could see from the TMG logs it was never a tmg publishing issue.

          As regards exchange on a DC... Not a problem... Works Perfectly well, as does active sync over non-ssl. I appreciate that this is against MS recommendations but so be it.

          The reason for installation on a dc is that there are only 2 internal servers and it is desirable for there to be two, such that if one fails, it's not the end of the world (or domain).

          Many thanks to both for your contributions.


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            Re: Exchange 2007 Active Sync errors

            Well glad you got Active Sync working, but just another side not to your comments regarding installing Exchange on a DC.

            That you have some type of failure tolerance is a common misconception. In fact once your DC where Exchange 2007 is installed fails your Exchange fails also. It will never try to use the other DC. And of course steps to recover this installation are much more complicated.

            Even having only two physical servers does not mean that you are not able to get failure tolerance that will work at the end. Virtualizing the second DC would be easy to implement, would work and would be supported as well.