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Split Domain - Migrating from 07 Hosted Exch to 2010 Local Exch

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  • Split Domain - Migrating from 07 Hosted Exch to 2010 Local Exch


    I am having some trouble in planning my migration from Hosted Exchange 2007 to Internal/Local 2010 Exchange. Here are the details.

    - I need the hosted Exchange & Internal to continue working at the same time
    - I understand the whole export the PST and import it into 2010 - no issue there
    - My new internal 2010 Exchange server is up and running, but not configured to send externally (can send internal email just fine)
    - We have several remote users which means this migration process will take several weeks
    - As I migrated the hosted users and until I can change the MxRecord, I will forward the email from hosted email to the internal email

    My questions.
    - How should I setup my new 2010 email to route externally?
    - During the migration process of a few weeks, how will the migrated internal users send mail to the hosted Exchange users (until they are migrated)?
    - Won't there be routing issues since I am using the same domain name on my hosted & local email servers?

    Thank you in advance.