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  • Exchange SMTP gateway to EXCH2010

    Hi guys.

    I have a question about an hypothetical exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 migration.

    My scenario is as follows:

    With have to Exchange servers, one is for the internal use with several Information stores and another just to handled our inside to outside (and vice versa) emails, just and smtp connector.

    If I would migrate to Exchange 2010 do i have the option to create a SMTP connector on a standalone server or do I need something special or should I keep the SMTP connector with Exchange 2003 and migrate just the another exchange server?.

    Thank you
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    Re: Exchange SMTP gateway to EXCH2010

    You need to consider the Exchange roles and where you want to deploy them.
    At a minimum you will need:
    Mailbox role -- holding databases
    Client Access role -- all user communications (MAPI, RPC/HTTPS, Activesync)
    Hub Transport role -- all message transport including between mailboxes, and connectors

    Roles can be separated or combined on one physical server

    In addition you may have an Edge Transport server (message transport and spam filtering) although the guru's (Hi Sembee ) consider this a waste of a license.

    IMHO get some training in 2010 before you start -- look at TrainSignal for some excellent videos
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      Re: Exchange SMTP gateway to EXCH2010

      Edge is a waste of a licence. I can do about 90% of the functionality of Edge with third party products for a lot less than an Exchange licence. The other 10% I don't care about. If Edge did OWA as well, then I would probably be putting them in all over the place, but it doesn't. It is nothing but a fancy SMTP gateway.

      Having a separate server for SMTP traffic isn't really required except in an environment with a very high numbers of users (10,000s). For smaller sites you can combine it with CAS, and in very small sites (sub 250) on a single box.

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