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Exchange 2010, pickup, drop and foreign connector

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  • Exchange 2010, pickup, drop and foreign connector

    Hi, I have only used/supported Exchange 2003, so this hub transport stuff is all new to me.

    Outcome: Exchange receives email, drops to folder, my gateway picks up the email, processes, then drops back to a pickup folder for Exchange to deliver externally.

    I have setup Exchange 2010, created a Send Connector for route to online SMTP server.

    I then created a Foreign Connector using New-ForeignConnector command. and set the -DropDirectory. All emails sent to the Exchange server are now dropped in the folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Drop\Gateway) in .eml format.

    My gateway will pickup emails in this folder and do stuff. I then need to put these emails into a Pickup folder so that they are routed to another SMTP server. Is it possible to create a Pickup Folder for a Send Connector?

    If I move one of the emails to the default Pickup folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Pickup) the email is placed back in the drop directory.

    Am I on the right tracks here?

    Thanks for any help/advice.


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    Re: Exchange 2010, pickup, drop and foreign connector

    Question is what "... do stuff" means? Depending on the answer for this, one can work out how the routing should be set up.


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      Re: Exchange 2010, pickup, drop and foreign connector

      Thanks for the reply,

      My Gateway reads and processes the email (from the Drop folder), and then saves out the email to the Pickup folder for the next hop.

      I have this working fine on Exchange 2003 as each SMTP Object has its own drop/pickup folder, but i'm struggling with Exchange 2010 and transports, hubs etc.


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        Re: Exchange 2010, pickup, drop and foreign connector

        I still don't get the purpose for this. Are you talking about a SMTP relay, a encrpytion gateway or something like this?

        From your first post mails goes out of Exchange via the foreign connector and drop directory then something happens and the same mail comes back to the same Exchange.

        Assuming you have configured the foreign connector with a address space in order to catch the mails you want to do stuff with, you have to rewrite the recipient addresses so that the mail using the same Exchange installation don't use the foreign connector again.

        There is no direct drop directory at Exchange 2010 which puts mails diretly into the queue of the send connector instead mails work their way through the transport pipeline. Maybe you will find this a interesting read:


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          Re: Exchange 2010, pickup, drop and foreign connector

          Thanks FischFra, that is exactly it.

          I currently have a SMTP Gateway, using two MS SMTP services, email arrives, dropped to disk, processed by our software, and is then placed in SMTP #2 pickup which is then delivered to a smarthost.

          I also implement it into a Exchange 2003 environment, using the Exchange 2003 SMTP receiver, and then a second SMTP instance to route on to a smarthost.

          However Exchange 2010 is so alien to me, I cannot see this option, to create another Receive/Send Connector with its own Pickup folder, where it will route to a given smarthost.

          All emails are dropped (AddressSpace *) so that our software can process them all.