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  • Searching for messages sent via relay

    I am having an issue with users having troubles searching for messages in Outlook that were sent via a relay.

    I have a receive connector on my hub transport that allows a server (Automate) to send out an email from a certain mailbox. Automate does not actually authenticate as this mailbox user, it just populates the From: address with the email address of the mailbox.

    When I look at the headers of a relayed message and compare them to a message that wasn't relayed, I notice that the message-ID formats are different, i.e....
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    Message-ID: <[email protected] xxxx.local>

    As an Exchange admin, when I search that mailbox's Sent Items with Outlook, I can see all messages sent from the mailbox, either from Outlook or relayed through the hub transport server(Automate). As a regular user searching the same mailbox, with the exact same search parameters, I can only see the ones that were sent directly from the mailbox, not the relayed ones. This also holds true for the mailbox itself - if I login as the mailbox owner I cannot search for the messages that were sent via relay.

    Another thing.... any user that cannot search for the relayed messages(including the mailbox owner) can browse for them in the Sent Items.

    Any ideas on how I can allow the regular mailbox users to see the relayed messages in a search?

    As always, all replies are much appreciated!!

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    Re: Searching for messages sent via relay

    It sounds like the "behind the scenes" script that outlook uses is keying off of something in the message header that would cause it to only return messages sent by that user. Possibly the difference you pointed out is the key. My first thought is that the user would need an elevated privilege to see the relayed results in the search (kind of silly since they can just browse the sent mail)

    If this is a crucial then I would look at making a custom script that allows users to search the sent box without filtering the results based on the message-Id format for starters. I would have to do some research to see what the options are, but you might want to check out (sorry, I can't post URL's here yet ) to see if there is a script that you can use to accomplish what you need.