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  • Shared Mailboxs

    Does anyone have even the slightest idea why some mailboxes, when in EMC to have group Z that has user Y in it, as 'Full Permissions', it automatically then shows up for that user when they restart Outlook on the left.
    Yet for an entirely different mailbox with a different group (not saying its related to groups!), it then doesnt show up unless i manually specify each user in the full permissions?

    There doesnt seem to be any relation between new and old mailboxes, new and old groups, new and old users, etc;

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance all.

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    Re: Shared Mailboxs

    Does the groups are different in terms of just security groups and security groups which are mail enabled also? Or are there differences in the group type means universal, global or domain local?

    Haven't had this issue by myself but that has come first into my mind.


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      Re: Shared Mailboxs

      Off the two that come to mind, the one that works is a normal group, and the one that doesn't, is a mail enabled security group.

      Surely it cant be that?